High – Tech Services offers a broad range of services and has developed a strong reputation for innovation, ingenuity and creativity and an ability to solve complex problems.

Building Surveying and Engineering

Professional and technical building appraisals, long span structures, historic and conservation appraisals, quadrennial inspections in accordance with DM026 and the English Heritage Guide to Managing Heritage Assets on the Government Estate. Investigation of Historic Buildings, including Mircro-Drilling using IML PD300 to determine levels of Timber Decay and Petrographic Analysis of Historic Materials.

Civil Engineering

Professional appraisal and the design of bridge structures, dockside crane structures, jetty structures and ports, commercial and industrial infrastructure.

Civil Engineering Surveying

Structural investigation and forensic assessment of existing buildings and structures including large panel precast concrete REEMA buildings to determine the residual structural integrity and suitability for continued use or alteration and refurbishment.

Structural Engineering

The design of new buildings and extensions to existing buildings, World War 1 and World War 11 aircraft hangars. Design checking of historic buildings and structures. The structural stabilisation of large Word War 1 aircraft hangars prior to being brought back into service. The professional and technical appraisal of airport communication structures and masts and towers including the design of new communication towers. Mast and towers are inspected and appraised by highly skilled climbers that are Chartered Engineers / Surveyors with vast experience and expertise in this field.

Geotechnical Investigation

Slope and rock face stability assessments and geotechnical investigation including contaminated land assessments.

Multi-Disciplinary Design Management

This approach provides one focal point for the design development and has been successfully applied to numerous projects undertaken for all of our clients. Our design partners are fully committed to the values of our company.

Specialist Services

Specialist services offered range from the professional and technical appraisal of military firing ranges in accordance with JSP 403 Volume 2, the professional and technical appraisal of explosives storage buildings in accordance with ESTC No. 6, the supervision of the refurbishment of structures including roll on and roll of pontoons and link bridges and associated testing of site welding including review and advice for specification development. Design and supervision for the specialist repair of crane structures associated with explosives handling.

Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors The Chartered Institute of Building